Construction of Sky Fort building has started

In 2016 construction of Sky Fort building has started.Sky Fort is the tallest building in Sofia Capital City, as well as in Sofia and Bulgaria.
The first Bulgarian Skyscraper is an office tower with a total height of 202m, including: 49 levels above ground and 3 underground floors.
Sky Fort will provide comfortable office space with incredible views towards Sofia, Vitosha mountain and the Sofia valley.
A restaurant and an observation platform will be located at the top of the building.
The architecture is dynamic and representing the technological progress of 21-st century.   
The shape of the building symbolize an open arch, welcoming the visitors of the city trough its South-east gate.
Many advanced technologies will be implemented in the building: high-speed elevators, seismic resistant structure, project designed energy efficient façade and etc.
The construction of the building has begun in autumn of 2016 and it is expected to be completed in 2020.

The construction of NV Tower has started

The construction of NV Tower has started

The high-rise, multifunctional building is situated in the southeastern part of Sofia, near the intersection of two main boulevards and a metro station.

The building consists of offices, residential apartments, retail, wellness and sports centre, conference center, panoramic terrace, roof gardens, underground parking.

NV Tower is distinctive by its large public spaces, flourishing with vegetation green roofs and facades, carefully designed and integrated within the city skyline architectural silhouette, and well-connected to the surroundings “porous” ground floor.

A&A ARCHITECTS has been honoured with the award: Best Commercial High-Rise Architecture


A&A ARCHITECTS has been honoured with the award: Best Commercial High-Rise Architecture at the European Property Awards 2016-2017 in the Marriott Grosvenor Square, London on the 27th October for their project CAPITAL FORT.
A&A ARCHITECTS has competed against the best property professionals across Europe, and the most innovative, exceptional, and ambitious projects of 2016, representing their country on an international stage in London.
The European Property Awards are the largest, most prestigious, and widely recognised programme throughout the regions. The Awards are judged by an independent panel of 70 industry experts. Judging focuses on design, quality, service, innovation, originality, and commitment to sustainability. The judging panel is chaired by Lord Caithness, Lord Best, Lord Liverpool, and Lord Thurso, members of the House of Lords in the UK Parliament.

International Public library competition in Varna


A&A team took part in the international architectural contest for a new public library building in Varna. Our project was not awarded but we are happy with the design. Special thanks to all who were part of the team – Lili Petrova, Siyka MItova, Pavel Tsochev, Nikolai Uzunov, Stefan Mihaylov, Borianna Kalneva, Zhenya Atanasova, DImitar Mehandjiev and Angel Zahariev.

The idea project for East Fort is ready


“A&A Architects” are ready with the concept of the East Fort building in Sofia. The building consists of main office part, retail zone and underground parking. Construction works are planned to be done in 2017.

First award in the competition “Building of the year” 2015 for Muzeiko


A&A Architects won first place in the competition “Building of the year” 2015 in the category “Educational buildings and instrastructure”. Launched in 2002, Building of the Year National Contest is the most prestigious event in the field of investments, construction and architecture and distinguishes the best achievements for the year.

Third conference of ETEM for façade engineering


On 7 November 2015 the company ETEM organised for a third time international conference on façade engineering.  The event brought together in the city of Sofia more than 450 representatives of the construction industry, architects and representatives of the institutions which had the opportunity to become familiar with the latest trends and concepts in the world architecture and façade engineering. Arch. Angel Zahariev from A&A was one of the lectors, presenting Capital Fort and Muzeiko buildings.

First award in the competition “Building of the year” 2015 for Capital Fort


A&A Architects won first place in the competition “Building of the year” 2015 in the category “Public buildings with business purpose”. Launched in 2002, Building of the Year National Contest is the most prestigious event in the field of investments, construction and architecture and distinguishes the best achievements for the year.

Construction of Sofia Capital City building has started

In 2017 construction of Sofia Capital City will continue. Sofia Capital City" is a large scale development for a new high-rise Business city in Sofia.
It is located at one of the key locations in the city – the East gate of Sofia, on a terrain of 57 000 m2.
In 2016 continues the construction of Phase1 of the project. Phase 1 of Sofia Capital City includes three buildings: Capital Fort, East Fort and Sky Fort, on a terrain of 37 000 m2.
The total Built-up of Phase 1 is 214 000 m2 and includes 104 000 m2 offices,  16 000 retail, over 2000 parking places, restaurants and a public park with a artificial lake.
It is planned to 7000 people to work in the complex and 2000 visitors to be attracted daily. The total investment of Stage 1 is 180 mil. Euro. Part of the investment is in a public infrastructure and public park.
Sofia Capital City will include also the neighbor projects, creating the common environment of the new Business City and thus will contribute even more for the future development of Bulgarian capital as a preferable location for the regional and international business.


First award in “Arch-inova” 2015 competition


On a special ceremony in Capital Fort building were given the “Arch-Inova” Awards for 2015. Main theme of the contest was “office buildings”. A&A Architects won first place for the administrative building of “Desizo Monni” in Pleven. Architects of the building are Arch. Angel Zahariev and Arch. Nikolay Uzunov. In the contest were mentioned a lot of Bulgarian companies with project in Bulgaria and Europe. The contest is organized by a few architectural magazines – The building, and “More for the house”. 

A&A Architects Won First Prize – “Golden Visar” in the Competition for “Secondary City Centre – Sofia Central Train Station Zone”

A &A architects were awarded the First Prize – “Golden Vizar” in the competition for "Secondary City Centre - Sofia Central Train Station Zone", organised by VIZAR Foundation and Sofia Municipality.

The project proposes a radical change in the functioning of the urban environment, giving priority to people instead of cars.

The concept proposes the development of an appropriate architectural and urban environment in order to enliven the space 24 hours a day - 7 days a week. Moreover, establishment of vital cultural and recreational facilities and vast public spaces will further strengthen the programme.

The project takes advantage of the picturesque views of the city and Vitosha Mountain, the traditional city block structure of the centre and the heritage of modernism from the second half of the 20th century.

These ideas in the project were highly appreciated by the prestigious international jury and the Chief Architect of Sofia.

The competition gives hope for the revival of the northern regions of Sofia.

The award-winning project can become a reality with the joint efforts of municipality, business and the citizens.

"A&A Architects" finished a project for a club in "Desizo Monni" complex


"A & A Architects" finished work on technical design of a club to the manufacturing and administrative complex “Desizo Monni”, in the town of Pleven. The club building is a mixed-use – it consists of an open bar, sports facilities - gym, outdoor pool, football, volleyball court and parking. The project aims to create a quality work environment for the employees of the complex through the construction of sports and entertainment facilities close to their jobs. With its variety of sports facilities, dining and recreational areas the club is going to be a venue for entertainment and sports all year long.

Children’s museum “Muzeiko” is officially open


Today was opened the first and only children’s museum in South-eastern Europe – Muzeiko. On the event were invited dozens of official guests such as the major of Sofia – Mrs Yordanka Fandukova and the Prime Minister – Boyko Borisov. The science center is 3500 sq.m big, 2000 of which are for innovative games related to science, engineering, ecology, communications and art. The concept of the building was developed by an American company and a main project were main by A&A Architects.

“A&A Architects” has won a closed competition for a new building of “Telelink”


After an invitation-only competition the project of A&A has won a first place for designing a new building of “Telelink” Ltd. Flexibility, dynamic, energy-efficiency – that were only a few of the principals which are mentioned in the project. At the moment A&A are working on the project. The start of construction is planned for 2016.

“City academy awards” 2015


On a ceremony in Sofia were given the second awards by “City Academy” Project. It is a platform for communication between different ages professionals in the field of architecture. Main goal of the project is to make collaboration between young architects and investors easier. As a mentor of a small team Arch. Angel Zahariev from A&A also took part in the project.

“New business ideas” award


“A&A Architects” were awarded with the third price on the “New business ideas” contest for the building Capital Fort. It is the highest building in Sofia and Bulgaria.

Special award for Telenor Building reconstruction


The administrative building of Telenor Bulgaria in Business park Sofia won the Special award in the national contest “Building of the year” 2015 in the category – “Public buildings with business purpose”. The Building of the year” is one of the most prestigious award events in the field of architecture and construction. Main goal is to feature the best investments in architecture for the year.

A&A took part in the Sofia central square competition


A&A took part in the Sofia central square competition. The studio is part of “Grupa Grad” organization, which main goal is to increase the quality of the projects in Sofia and to stop the bad practices of the municipality. 

Muzeiko construction has started


After an year and a half design, the construction of Muzeiko has started! The news was widely covered by the media and warmly accepted by the audience!

Capital Fort construction in progress


The concrete structural works for the High-rise building of Capital Fort Project was finished In November 2012. In January 2013 was finished the façade of the Low-rise building and in April will start the High-rise building façade installation.  Building systems and technical installations works are in progress for entire project. The assembly of the Podium steel structure has started.

Foundation of “Grupa Grad” organization


Today in Sofia was founded a non-profit architectural organization called “Grupa Grad”, in which A&A are also a member. The group consists of young Bulgarian architects worried about the public space development in Sofia and Bulgarian architecture in general. Main goal for the future is to arrange large number of normal citizens to become stricter about problems of the city. 

Business Park Sofia 10th anniversary


10-th Anniversary of the First Stage of Business Park Sofia! Business Park Sofiais the largest single real estate investment in Sofia and Bulgaria. The project was developed in several stages from 2001 to 2009. The first stage was completed in June 2002. It has a plot area of 220 000 m2, 15 buildings inside the Park and 35 buildingswithin the development area with Total built-up area of 300 000 m2. 10 000 people are working and 4 000 people are visiting daily in Business Park Sofia. Arch. Angel Zahariev and arch. Assen Milev have worked on behalf of Lindner Bulgaria, Architectural Bureau Dimitrov and A&A Architects.on the development of the Master Plan and the concept of BPS since the beginning of the first phase in 2002. They have also worked on the concept and detailed design of the buildings 2,3,4,5,7,8,9,10,11,12,14 and P1.

Green building concept


A&A Architects has developed a concept for a new green building in Sofia. It's designed according to the latest energy-efficiency standarts and has innovative design.

Starting the construction of R&M Production Facility in Bulgaria


The construction of R&M Production Facility in Bulgaria has started. R&M is a leading supplier of passive cabling solutions for high-quality communication networks. Large scale adaptation and reconstruction of an existing storage building in Sofia will be accomplished, including the construction of a high-tech “clean room” production facilities, development center, offices and logistics. By the end of the second quarter of 2012, the R&M Production facility is expected to be completed and the company will transfer part of its fiber optic manufacturing from Switzerland to Bulgaria.

Approved design document


The multifunctional development Aktiv/Galaxy has obtained an approval by the municipal authorities of Sofia City. It is a multifunctional development of office, financial, commercial and entertainment areas with TBA of 93 000 m2. The complex is located at one of the most attractive area of Sofia City - near the Airport connection on Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd.

Construction permit for Sara03 building


Multifunctional building Sara 03 has obtained a construction permit. The construction is expected to begin September 2011 and finish March 2013. The building is located at the Southern parts of Sofia City. It is a multifunctional building with offices, residences, shops, restaurant,medical centre, storage rooms and underground car park.The total built up area is 14 000 sq.m

Building of Capital Fort has started


The first dig of Capital Fort in Sofia was made yesterday. Construction is planned for 3 year and should be done in the beginning of 2014. The investment is more than 60 million euro with total gross of the building – 80 000 sq.m. The tower is 126m high and when finished would be the highest building in Bulgaria.

Energy-efficient house


“A&A Architects” design another energy-efficient single family house in the Vitosha mountain. Harmony with nature and energy-efficiency are light motives in designing the house.

Completed family house in the first stage of RPS


Luxury single family house designed by “A&A Architects” is now with using permit. The house is part from Stage 1 of the Residential Park Sofia complex located in Vitosha mountain. The house consists of 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and parking place for 4 cars, sport complex with indoor swimming pool, massage hall, hall for games and sport. 

Office and retail building with construction permit


The office and retail building of Universal complex is now with construction permit. It’s predicted to service all companies in the logistics park and would attract huge number of clients traveling to Sofia on “Trakia” highway.

Partnership with Atkins Design Studio


“A&A Architects” has started the idea phase project of one of the major projects in Sofia. The building is located in prestigious part of the city and consists of A-class offices and retail space with total area of 75 000sq.m. This skyscraper will be 126m high and would be the highest building in Bulgaria. The concept is developed in collaboration with the famous British studio – Atkins Design Studio, authors of many award winning skyscrapers.

Architect of the year 2007


“A&A Architects” has won the third award in the annual competition “Architect of the year” 2007. The event is organized every year from “Construction and properties” newspaper, specialized in public buildings.

“Building of the audience” award


“Building 5” won the big award “Building of the audience” 2007 in the national competition “Building of the year” 2007 – This contest takes place every year since 2002 and is one of the most prestigious award events in the field of architecture and construction. Main goal of the awards is to pin the best achievements in architecture for the current year. Except the award of the audience, “Building 5” was also nominated in the category: “Public buildings with business purpose”.

“Building 5” is officially ready


“Building 5” from Business park Sofia is now introduced in exploitation.

“Building 8” is officially ready


“Building 8” from Business park Sofia is now introduced in exploitation. With completing this building the first stage of the Business park development is finished.