Construction of Sofia Capital City building has started

In 2017 construction of Sofia Capital City will continue. Sofia Capital City" is a large scale development for a new high-rise Business city in Sofia.
It is located at one of the key locations in the city – the East gate of Sofia, on a terrain of 57 000 m2.
In 2016 continues the construction of Phase1 of the project. Phase 1 of Sofia Capital City includes three buildings: Capital Fort, East Fort and Sky Fort, on a terrain of 37 000 m2.
The total Built-up of Phase 1 is 214 000 m2 and includes 104 000 m2 offices,  16 000 retail, over 2000 parking places, restaurants and a public park with a artificial lake.
It is planned to 7000 people to work in the complex and 2000 visitors to be attracted daily. The total investment of Stage 1 is 180 mil. Euro. Part of the investment is in a public infrastructure and public park.
Sofia Capital City will include also the neighbor projects, creating the common environment of the new Business City and thus will contribute even more for the future development of Bulgarian capital as a preferable location for the regional and international business.