Sky Fort NV Tower Synergy Tower Adora 3 S Tower Building 15 - Business Park Sofia Capital Fort Verdant RB4 Verdant OB1 Sofia Capital City Sofia Central Station Area Business Park Sofia Sofia Square Sofia Tech Park Muzeiko Office Building "Richhill" Amari Residence Center for integration of people with disabilities Building 5 – BPS Building 8 – BPS Sofia Business Tower East fort G Tower Fabrica Natura EXPO Blagoevgrad Sara 03 office building Sofia Expo Tower Classic Residence Condo Montevideo Sofia Expo City Telenor Bulgaria HQ building Captial Fort – common space interior Central reception desk in Capital Fort Capital Fort – restaurant PURE Studio for Underwater Filming - Nu Boyana R&M Production Facility Sofia University - Faculty of Journalism South Fort Roslin Residence Office Building "Progress" Park Place Green office building Central park space of BPS Sofia Business Tower New Concept Sofia city centre Prime Residence Building Pro High tech 2000 Office building Building 15 - BPS Concept Office and retail building “Universal” Building 8 BPS – common spaces Building 5 BPS – common spaces Reception desk in Telenor Building Green Deli Café Expo Residential Sofia Ring Park Building A07 SAC V Towers Residential Park Lozen Silver Residence Apartment in Lozenec Single family house in Boyana Twin house in Sofia Park House in Krastova vada House in Boyana district House in Dragalevtsi House 3 – Malinova dolina district House 2 - Malinova dolina House 1 – Malinova dolina district Houses in Sofia Park Villas Residential Park Sofia Masterplan Sofia Ring Park House 6 – Malinova dolina district House 5 – Malinova dolina district Twin house 2 Malinova dolina Twin house 1 Malinova dolina BORO 3 Housing estate